Search & Rescue solutions

Save lives faster with our technologies

Every minute counts for the successful search and rescue operations

Extreme situations require breakthrough solutions. When locating missing persons in remote locations by their mobile handset, we employ precisely optimized tools to increase the speed of operation and maximize the chance of success.

Rapid deployment of emergency mobile network

Rapidly deploy the emergency mobile network in the area of disaster, provide network connectivity, and have full control over mobile handsets situated around the site.

SMS broadcasting

Use SMS broadcasting functionality to provide up-to-date recovery information to victims in the disaster area or use it for timely alerts about the upcoming emergencies.

Calling or sending SMS to any handset

Use the functionality to make calls and send text messages to any mobile handset in the disaster area – to deliver critical information or get navigated by sound cues.

Locate victims by their handsets

Use directional finding functionality to precisely locate a mobile handset and recover victims from the danger zones.

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